How do I get to the hotel?

Our team will pick you up at the airport. we will need your flight details to arrange accordingly as this is included into your package.

Is there any special medical treatment before flying to Asia?

There is no special medical requirement or accine however we advise our travelers to have their vaccination card to date such as vaccine against infuenza, malaria, vaccine against tetanus, hepatitis.

Which medicine are available in Bali?

Good brands of medicine are available. however, we recommend our travelers to bring along paracetamol such as Doliprane, mosquito repellent lotion or any other as per your practitioner recommendation.

How much pocket money to bring?

We suggest not to bring too many cash as there are plenty of ATM machine or payment can be made with credit card visa or master card  
Depending on the package, if it is full board package, just prepare some cash for your personal consumption (estimated 200,000 indonesian rupiah/day equivalent to 12euros).